Syfy | Song to Star Trek

As part of their celebrations of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, SyfyUK asked us to help them create a musical homage to the show, dedicated to the fans.

The remix of Minnie Riperton’s ‘Lovin’ You’ was created using purely sound effects and dialog from Star Trek. Most remixes in this style focus on upbeat dance tracks but SyfyUK wanted focus on the love that the fans have for the show and recreate an iconic ballad for them.

The underlying chord sequence is made using the sounds from the transporters, split into individual component frequencies and shifted to create the matching chords.

The bird song from the original track was replaced with Star Trek communicator badges. Various weapons build up the repeating vocal melodies and we swapped the song’s iconic high note for a battle sequence scream.

Finally, we pushed up the tempo and created a beat out of the sounds of opening doors, console beeps, warp drives and dozens of sounds unique to the Star Trek franchise.

Concept / Creative Direction SyfyUK
Music remix – Ithaca Audio
Video Production Company – Agile Films

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