Presenting Waterfall by Ithaca. A 20 meter high animated waterfall of light cascading down from the Treetop Walkway into a pool of Light for Christmas at Kew 2019.


Inspired by some of the world’s natural wonders such as Niagara Falls, Waterfall featured over 9,000 LEDs spread across an area of nearly 4,000 square meters. 


The waterfall was created from layered strings of custom made mirrored LED spheres, supported by netting interwoven with highly reflective foils which created a delightful daytime aesthetic as the sunlight fell on them. 


As evening fell, the lights moved through altered states from a tranquil bubbling waterfall of blues and greens, through shimmering rain and sparkling patterns to swirling shapes, flickering fire and ice. 


The animations travelled the entire length of the 20 metre light strings and then shot and swirled across the ground, connecting the verticals and ground lighting to create a huge, syncronised display. 


The result was an epic 10 minute, near 360 degree immersive audio and light show that showcased Kew’s famous Treetop Walkway in a whole new light. 


 Lighting design and installation, music composition and sound design by ITHACA.