NENT | Viaplay Sonic Branding

Commissioned by Nordic Entertainment Group for the streaming service Viaplay, a sonic logo to introduce NENT-Viaplay’s original program content on Viaplay’s streaming platform.


The brief was to provide an audio identity to give a positive and contemporary feel along with a unique character in keeping with the both the overall branding and the Scandinavian heritage of the broadcaster.


As with all sonic logos, we needed to create something versatile, that would have an impact and make a statement, without overwhelming the broad range of programming that surrounds it.


We took a minimalistic and contemporary approach, using ethereal but reverberant layered sounds to create an open, spacious feel with plenty of depth. The processed and reversed organic sounds add familiarity and a natural feel but also a note of intrigue to draw the listener in.


Creative Director, Viaplay – Fredric Hammarlund

Sound Design and Composition, Ithaca – Andrew Rae