Ithaca Audio Win Two Music+Sound Awards

We are very excited to announce that our recent ‘Sound with Power‘ project for Mercedes-Benz has won two 2014 Music + Sound Awards!

The project won awards in the following categories:

Best use of music – Cinema Advertising
Best use of music – Non-Broadcast and Viral Advertising.

The ‘Sound with Power‘ campaign was created to promote Mercedes-Benz’ new E 63 AMG. The campaign consists of a TV promo as well as an online interactive website that allows visitors to create their own mashup using content from the TV campaign and more.

The in-depth campaign is a response to consumer insights that showed Mercedes’ vehicle owners have a strong emotional connection to their cars as soon as they hear the engine start (Andrew Mallery, Mercedes-Benz Marketing Director). The campaign takes this one step further and explores how a whole range of sounds have the power to incite different emotions.

The end result is a split-screen audio visual mashup of Stingray, Tinie Tempah, Subfocus, Dusty Springfield and an array of sound effects. All of which come together to form an exciting soundtrack as a man’s emotional response is portrayed via a special high-tech LED Light-fitted suit…


The campaign first aired on October 5th and will continue to feature on various screens over the next six months including ITV, Channel 4 and cinemas across the UK.